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When you don't want to mess with it or just need someone you can talk to.

I have been doing technology work for corporations all my life and want to use my experience for you now. I can work in your office or use remote control tools to help you from a distance.

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Read what a Customer says below:

I highly recommend Larry West of LLWest Solutions for help with your computer needs.  I have owned a small luggane Repair business in Albuquerque since 1988, and use a Personal Computer for accounting, billing, client communication and advertising.  Although I am not very Computer Literate, Larry makes things easy to understand.  He has taught me to navigate software better and faster.   I have never felt ignorant while seeking help from him; Larry is very humble, and despite his thorough knowledge of PCs (including Hardware) he will always manage to convey to me a better, faster, easier way of performing tasks.  The time spent with him is VERY productive due to Larry's one-pointedness on a task.  He wastes no time.  I am very impressed with the speed at which he gets to the root of a problem, and quickly finding a solution.  Clients will really get their money's worth with Larry West! 
Larry always seems to be accessible.  One time I had a problem, and called him impromtu. Within 3 minutes (over the phone), he had me gooked up with his PC so that he could "see" my screen and what I was trying to do.  It was as if he were looking over my shoulder, guiding me to a solutions!
Joel Grieshaber